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letra de ​options - ​greatestredefined


ay, my flows be god-sent
i’m f-cking many hoes, got h-lla options
don’t do talking, my chop’ got h-lla clips, it don’t like boxing
my bullets stalking, this ho in my school telling me i’m top 10
got 80k this month, they saying, “redefined, be poppin'”
hop on beats and then flow, who the f-ck said redefined walking?
i’m poppin’, yeah, we on a drill, bullets gon’ flock him
my pockets talk to me, the benjamins just like to gossip
all my music n-ggas dreadheads, that explains why we locked in
yeah, at the crib with the bad ho, she give me toppin’
make sh-t in an hour, and these n-ggas gon’ be boppin’
pull up, run down, say hi to your coffin
i don’t care about the price, if it’s tough, then i’m gon’ cop it
no, you can’t rap, twin, invest it in stockin’
greatestredefined the one who hop on beats and chop sh-t
i be making hits like back to back, i’m never stoppin’
choppa, lil’ extended mag gon’ get to choppin’
b-tch, i’m batman, with the batwing, think you robin
boys on defence, send a blitz, and now we on offense
we could toss him, or you could run up, it’s an option
sick, and i’m still spazzin’, inbetween lines, be coughin’
ay, yeah, i’m redefined, i hop on beats, make sh-t look easy
easy f-cking peasy, [?], don’t do moncleezy jackets
yeah, this ho, she bad, can’t f-ck with her, she got sleazy habits
hop on beats and spaz 24/7, it’s a stinky habit
glock up in my pocket, you should run if you not tryna see it happen
feature price be high ’cause bro think i’m tough, it’s a greedy habit
pants filled with money, i can’t even feel my pockets
greatestrede-astronaut, i’m steady clutchin’ rockets
shoutout cali’, this the 209, b-tch, i’m from stockton
dwayne johnson, turn my music on, we get to rockin’
dwayne johnson, put my music on, we finna rock
can’t f-ck with this ho, she do not get money talk
bad ass haitian ho on my d-ck, tryna gawk
glock up on my sock, i’m feelin’ like carti
you is hating, you don’t get no guap, sorry, not sorry
what i said? f-ck her, i got options
gun got a couple mods, shoutout vodit

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