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letra de goresoulja - goreoffline



i can pullup n getchu shot
i can pullup n make u drop
i can pullup n getchu mopped
p-ssyn-gga u get popped
i can pullup h-lla f-cking guns in my backpack
n-gga imma f-cking stab u in the neck and
imma k!ll everyone when i step in the room
44 goes f-cking boom
c4 in the mfkin bag
p-ssyn-gga try me n u gonna get stabbed

make u blowup imma make u blowup


tec 9 on my hip yeah we make em run
making pipe bombs in my bas-m-nt just for f-ckin fun
imma leave ur guts out in the f-cking sun
recreate you with the parts in my motherf-ckin shed uh
yuh uh im swagged out even when im f-ckin dead
bb simons round my waist and its f-ckin red

yuh imma gore soulja
c4, imma die watch my limbs in the air
yeah this hoe said she love me i deceive her
yeah she said love me but i cut her with my razor
if she tryna leave me she gon get my red laser
if she tryna leave me she gon get my red laser

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