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letra de one call away - goonew


[intro: goonew & ]
talk your sh-t shawty (ha, goonrich n-gga, let’s go)
[?] goofy
you only called me ’cause you drunk (i got a short temper, ha)
(that’s f-cked up, ha, ha)
but you only call me when you drunk though (ha)

[verse 1]
glock 23 gon’ make his ass twitch (that glock 23) (gon’ make his ass twitch)
n-ggas’ sneak dissin’ but n-ggas on d-ck (what what?)
i’m mixin’ the wockhardt with the tris’ (i’m mixin’ that wock’)
i need that lean now i’m havin’ a fit (i need it)
my b-tch callin’ ’cause she see that i’m lit (blrt)
anime jersey ridin’ with the stick (ha)
is you gon’ hold it down or snitch? (hold it down)
pop three xan’s sh-t got me lit (pop three xan’s)
[?] and i still got the stick (still got the stick)
still rob a n-gga if it weren’t for the brick (i still)
my puerto rican b-tch she be on my d-ck (ooh)
she gave me head in the back in the whip (she givin’ it up)
let’s talk about slidin’ (ooh)
blllrt-bah-bah n-ggas gon’ die (gllrt)
if you reach for my chain than you look at the sky (dooh)
now roll up a blunt it’s a three in a five (dooh, dooh!)
uh, nеw 6-4 chain it’s on the way (ice)
and that ap comin’ i say johnny dang (bust down)
ha, goonrich (let’s go lеt’s go)
ha, i’m goin’ back gimme that sh-t
and a n-gga get k!lled, for makin’ a diss
don’t play with goonew, don’t play goonwick
might step on a n-gga might step on my [?]
feelin’ like durk, might send me a hit (feelin’ like durk)
and them 7.62 they gon’ f-ck up his whip (7.62s)
huh, “d-mn goonrich he the l!ck”
don’t think ’bout robbin’ that n-gga got k!lled (huh, boom!)
uh, candle roaches in the vacant (roaches)
slept in the crack house, serve an old lady (crack house)
can’t nut in a b-tch, ain’t havin’ my baby (uh)
got two chains man i feel like [?] (ha)
yeah n-gga, free the real (ha, free the real) (ha)
i miss all my n-ggas in the pen man, you dig? (nah [?] god man, i miss you man)
ha, goonrich (goonrich)
these n-ggas ain’t on sh-t
these n-ggas be talkin’ that sh-t like they on next (ain’t on that, ha) (they really ain’t on sh-t)
b-tch-ass n-ggas (ha, ha, ha)
goonrich n-gga (hold)
i’m in my jam, i’m ’bout to go back in (ha)
yeah, the beat ain’t over (ha)
woah, let me get back in woah, woah, woah, woah woah woah woah (ha)

[verse 2]
slide with that sh-t (slide, slide)
slide with that fifth (bih)
i got b-tches put my d-ck in they kitty (ooh)
i’m on the run, tell the police come get me (i’m on the run)
uh, bandz told me “goonew you be tweakin'” (bandz)
’cause i got k!lled a n-gga i ain’t give him a reason
hit him five times i ain’t give him a reason (bllrt)
he a lucky n-gga he survived a beatin’ (lucky-ass n-gga!)
uh, i had a show out in [?] (ooh)
had 30 guns and that sh-t was uneven (30 guns)
like steve nash b-tch i play for the [?]
got a short temper man i really don’t think (short temper n-gga!)
bust it down, man i serve a big fiend (bust it)
80 with me and you know he a demon (80 with me)
chazbandz that’s my motherf-ckin’ twin (chaz chaz)
off codeine but you know i’m never gon’ lean (glllrt)
uh, they need to free swerve (swerve)
it’s been four years i really been hurt (it’s been four years)
you know i’m from maryland you know i’m gon’ [?] (maryland)
you think it’s a game, get up on a shirt (think it’s a game)
rsk, a n-gga get k!lled (rsk)
a opp b-tch tried to come in our vip (opp b-tch)
i’ma cancel that b-tch [?}] (no sh-t though)
a opp just died but didn’t make the hit (a opp just died)
goonrich on my wrist goon sh-t (for real)
he a track star, he be runnin’ and sh-t (he runnin’)
it was shots fired and that n-gga got hit (blaow)
his momma cryin’ man that n-gga might snitch (wah-wah)
ha, goonrich n-gga
i be steppin’ on sh-t
i be steppin’ on n-ggas i be steppin’ on haha
ha, might f-ck a n-gga b-tch, and get him mad
ha, these n-ggas be mad, ’cause i’m in my bag
ha, i got a lot of bands, in my pants
ha, you think it’s a game, i’ll k!ll your man