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letra de you, my love - gomi set


you gone waking up without me there
you been spending all your time elsewhere
just last week gave me a blank stare
if it were up to me i be running my hand through your hair

used to think that you were the one
would lay my life down under the gun
would give my soul just to be done
but it don’t need to be that way
i dont care what can i say
i tried but its just to late
you just can’t seem to behave
you just can’t seem to behave

if you think ive given up
you must think i don’t give a f-ck
at no point did i quit on us
i will carry you my love

i been thinking
bout you and me and wherе we could be
i been dreamin
of holding your hand and grabbing your cheeks
that transition was smooth
havе you a kiss and put on the moves
hope that you don’t think its rude
just wanna show you that im true
girl you must be out your mind if you
think its over whats between us two
i don’t wanna go anywhere

i can’t get a glimpse or a stare
i just hope that you are aware
of what you mean to me

you mean so much babbyyy
i can’t let you go
you mean so much baby

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