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letra de roller disco - goldie lookin chain


the first time that i met my mate
was in the roller rink where i went to skate
it was early in the decade around ’83
back then maskell’s was the place to be

pay two quid for your entry fee
i glide into the arena, ecstasy
when you were seven you didn’t realise
most of the adults were stoned out of their eyes

some jacked up on the seats around the edge
others were so fc-ked that they turned into veg
i didn’t care cos i made my pledge
rollskating at maskell’s got respect

i used to listen to public enemy
erik b and rakim and bvsmp
but before that, in 1983
i’d go breakdancing after my tea

down the youth club, eating the fruit pastels
sat-rday morning i’d go down to maskell’s
it was my favourite place to go
dancing all day at the rollerdisco

ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-nineteen eighty three

when maskells is over it’s out on your bike
doing bunny hops and wheelies if you like
nicking from the shop and comparing your nike
dropping bricks onto trains was a delight

then i’d find a weak kid and have a fight
use your pocket money to buy a head band for the night
from fussels, newport’s health-sports store
this is the stuff i used to do before

draw… paul hardcastle, ne-ne-nineteen
was always played on the rollerdisco scene
i would listen to music ’til i went deaf
skating around backwards to axel f

even back then i was still wearing gold
they had an ice rink upstairs, so i was told
it was ecstasy going round a pillar
doing a special dance to michael jackson’s thriller

you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you f-kin’ knows it

ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-nineteen eighty three

eating cola cubes and watching grange hill
riding my chopper to the chip shop in pill
i didn’t know words like cunny or vag
getting my 200 metres swimming badge

back then you were seven, i was eight
i only just started to m-st-rb-t-
when i was in school the days went slow
cos i was dreaming of a f-kin’ rollerdisco

i didn’t smoke, i didn’t drink booze
i collected star wars stickers and bubble gum tattoos
stuck ’em on my face cos it made me feel hard
then popped into the shop to buy some football cards

finished the alb-m, panini ’83
get back home in time for the a-team and tea
then watch bullseye, and saint and greavsie
then go to bed, ’til tomorrow, see?

i watch the a-team and airwolf too
before i found drugs and started sniffing glue
riding round the lane on my grifter or my chopper
even back then i was a hip-hopper

ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-nineteen eighty three