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letra de any other heart - go radio


“any other heart”

and this is my last remaining filter on my last remaining words
it’s leaving the taste of something bitter on my tongue
i’m leaving a letter full of reasons along with a line that starts to blur
into a page that says you faded way too young
cause you’re leaving something short of innocent
i’m still thinking of the times we should of spent
it’s as if this form of treason crawled up deep inside your head
and left you notes on how to keep your insides dead

if i had any other heart if any other piece spoke louder
if i had any other hands i wouldn’t need the voice to tell
the world about the coward that refuses to stand and claim the blood on your hands
if i had any other heart beside my own we might have left you cold

i’m handed a book about instructions on when i should know to go
and tracing my fingers down the binding i get cold
cause i’ve been this awful shade of lonely since your reasons left the room
and i’d see everything get warmer if you decide to follow suit
if i could paint the town with all your good intent
i’d leave these walls as red as my eyes could have been
while picking comfort for my father for a place to rest his head
well tallah-ssee will stay gray outside instead

if i were king of the world and i could build you a day
i’d smile just to rip it all away
i would to blaze a memory in your head that screams about regret