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letra de sorry 4 tha weight :( - ​glosuka


ou, ohh, ohh
ou, ohh, ohh
she fallin in love but she don’t know
that she want me to let her go
ou, ohh, ohh
i’m not feelin what you don’t show
i need you girl you don’t know
? i’ll break your soul
ou, ohh, ohh
pack up your things and you can go
“one more chance baby” i said nooo
brand new b-tch finna take her home
i’m on your road
ask your girl, girl on i’m your road
heart so cold baby it’s just snow
there’s a couple of things you should’ve been told
girl this swag so complicated (it’s really complicated okay)
girl i swear you overrated
girl it’s nun to be debated
in the crib now it’s gated
that’s not overstated (okay?)
i had to get the weight off of my shoulders
she said nothing can relate to the love that i showed her
she know nothing can negate all the sh-t i told her
and if she see my one more time i act like i don’t know her (nooo)
i’m finna see her at my show
and ima act like i don’t know
now she don’t know where to go
that’s why she hit my phone
cuz she don’t like to be alone
ou, i had to get the weight off of my shoulders
ohhh, and i apologize for the pain that i loaned her
ohhh, but i still can’t escape all the pain that you loaned me
ohhh, and no i can’t forget the side the side of you that you showed me

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