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letra de blitz - glory cash


[intro: glory cash]
ice digger
yo k, you k!lled this sh-t
like, like what, like d-mn
hold on
ha, and i’m toting my sh-t

[verse 1: glory cash]
look, told bro if he up don’t miss
if he miss, that’s an l7
i might just back out, spin through 7/11
7 shots finna send him to heaven
and i’m fiending to blitz
once false move, you get shot with your b-tch
n-ggas been talking, i’m ready to blitz
.45 knocker, knocker make ‘em flip
like d-mn, n-ggas talking, i’m toting my sh-t
and i’m ready to blitz
i might just back out, up it and dip
grah, and i’m toting my sh-t
free bro, he could never switch
n-ggas been talking, i’m making it lit
d-mn, lil b-tch, i’m smoking on nick
n-ggas been talking, my knock got a kick
[verse 2: mo valentino]
huh, yeah
she a baddie she sending the drop
how you lack, you get hit in your top, ayy, ayy
call up glory, he get to the cash
i might just blitz, we gon’ get to a bag like
and it’s 100p what i jack
8woo, we movin’ tact’ like
huh, woo, shе wanna f-ck so let’s get into it
trapping and tapping while still doing music
100p on thе map, is you stupid?
call up td he gon’ dig in a beamer
his brains leakin’, no sleezher
she wanna f-ck, i’ma tease her
i’ma pass that b-tch, she an eater
huh, wait, i’m in the cut like a band-aid
kick me a bank, you got no plays
why would i link? she got no brain
get clapped for speaking on tdot
and glory gon’ up at ya treetop
i keep a tan like cowboy bebop
i keep a .40, won’t sing, it’s gon’ beatbox
smokin’ on lu, nick
glory gon’ up it, is you sick?
cuz boutta dump on an o, he go sh-t
swerve in a beamer, hope it don’t flip
i’m in the spot with my getstr8 ‘rips
tp gon’ dump till it’s none in the clip
huh, ayy, ayy
oh that’s your treesh?
yeah i’m f-cking your b-tch
was down bad, had nothing
turned nothing, into something
dior the feet, i’m not doing no running
and i keep a knock, so stop all the frontin’