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letra de can't shake you - gloriana


can’t shake you

i still change the station
every time they play that song
can’t drive past your house
so i take the long way home
your black leather jacket
still hangin’ in my closet
i wish that i could give it away
oh even though you’re gone somehow
you stay

and every other time a love said goodbye
i just shake it off, shake it off
pour another drink so i don’t feel a thing
i just shake it off, break it off

erased all your numbers, blocked all your calls
tried another lover, built up my walls
told myself it’s over, don’t know what else i can do
can’t shake you

i don’t wanna be here
but my friends all love this bar
i don’t wanna see you
but i’m wondering where you are
and why am i still keepin’
the shirt you used to sleep in
it’s been sittin’ there for over a year
oh even though you left me you’re still here


i can’t shake you
no matter how hard i try
i can’t shake you
i can’t shake you
and i don’t know why