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letra de don't come to my funeral - glaregrave


“oh my, their lives all the time, just–
h-how do you stop seeing it?
seeing what charlie?
there is so much pain and i-i-i don’t know how to not notice it
what’s hurting you?
no, no-not me, it’s them, it’s-it’s everyone, it never stops, do you understand?”

[verse 1: glaregrave]
take your nails out
in my tears, i’m drowning, not again
arms crossed in the face of death
not enough to ask you to repent
slowly sinking down into my death bed
no way out
(there’s no way out, there’s no way out, there’s no way out)
no way out
is this what you wanted all along?
to destroy everything you saw
i hope you know your time is near
i hope you run far away from herе

[verse 2: ravenbladez & glaregrave]
it’s sunny outside, i can’t wait for it to snow again (again)
that’s when i’m dead but alivе to witness my end
i’m running in circles (in circles)
to love you is death (i’m dying)
i’m running from her (i’m running)
but i want her again
don’t come to my funeral
[verse 3: glaregrave]
leave me to die all alone my dear
i wish you were still here to see me alive

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