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letra de 05:02 walking home in the sunrise (tired) - giffel gang


ja, jag är basmannen

[verse 1]
i’m too tired to speak
i’m too tired to even take a leak
i’m so tired you can punch my d-ck
i’m so tired you can steal my shit
i won’t even flinch no i don’t even care
‘cause i’m so tired i sleep with footwear
why am i even awake?
leaving my bed was a mistake
why am i here and not at home instead?
i miss my bed
i’ve got three pillows and fresh new sheets
man gets tired from reppin’ streets

[refrain 1]

[verse 2]
i’m too tired to sleep
i’m lazier than a domestic sheep
last night i was with my g’s
we sat and learned the abcs
then the clock hit 22:34
my guy john fell asleep on the floor
i snuck away and took his bed
i fell asleep like i was dead
then i had this freaky nightmare
nothing else could even compare
it was about some big -ss dude
feeling me up while fully nude
anyways i ended up pissing his bed
and thinking, i should be at home instead

[refrain 2]