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letra de where we at – ghodsy



falling in the mud
its all love
when you get to know

people on the bus
when they go
where you tryna go

sitting on the flow like i’m rosie o’donnell
i been checking all they facts like the po does with donald
you been watching too much news
you been glued to the tv

go outside and play true
where your friends how they feeling

filling up my daily planner
with a lot of sh-t to do
i still haven’t done it yet
but tomorrow is round two

let’s get loose
get it popping
get a clue
lose the caution
we been talking on the phone
i say lets meet, do this often
i don’t do this often
i know you gon’ ask
wonder about my past
that’s another talk
another matter
now where were we at

(yo i’m just saying)
(come on over)

now where were we at
come on over bring your map
we gon find it, got a hunch
then we gon do it on your lunch break
looking like an entrée
the f-ck with all these snacks
it’s a wrap
i’m just gon’ say
i might end up choosing you over stacks

that’s a lot
i’m just saying don’t you stop
flexing like you milly rock
like you arnold or a cop
you ain’t lost
you the one
we gon make it to the end who gon really f-cking stunt
i just turned off all my games now i ain’t playing ain’t gon’ run

swimming to the money like a dolphin i’m smooth
and you like versus white folks golfing you gon
i feel like a hundred dollars in a homeless wallet
i feel like i checked my bank account its all deposits
i don’t mean to get off topic but i’m feeling good
i don’t talk to other people but i really should
my mom is saying you should go and get get your job back
sorry i forgot you’re here now where we at