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letra de despair freestyle - gg foxy


man, you guys are so slow
here you are
yap, yap, yapping away
wait, what the f-ck
this is a freestyle beat i asked for
dude shut the f-ck up and hop on the beat
wait, is this even a beat

d-mn, look at that ass
slow down, shawty, you walkin’ too fast
live action replay, run that sh-t back
not my first b-tch and she won’t be my last

she feelin’ my buster, until i get cloture
turn around, shawty and pose for my poster
sparkin’ her love like a bath with a toaster
wait, why you here, tiger? come here a little closer

go keep yourself safe, b-tch, i’m a f-ckin’ hunter
i’m off the grid like imaginary numbers
your plate’s kinda big, have you ever met hunger
based on your looks, you can make a boy wonder

if he’s less into harley and more into quinn
b-tch, you’re so repulsive, it has to be a sin
if you were medusa, i couldn’t harden
to be attracted to you, i can’t hold my puke in
wait, get to the choppa
gotta get a move on, don’t stand still
or they’ll figure out where you are
i’m not in the run, i just don’t wanna talk to you all
make this your ringtone, and you’ll pick up to a cool call

oh, i’m so sorry

hi, uh this is officer harmon with the university police department

whatever they said sir
you know i didn’t do it
i fight till their dead, i put a bullet right through it
make an earthen bed, then i plant them like a tulip
by where the vixen rests, yeah, everything is moonlit

so, i’ma go fish, don’t know when i’ll be back
this war you old maid, can you counter-attack
can you play your cards right, all need’s a single hand
b-tch tried to play a king with an ace on the track

wait, kk slides up with a two-two-threes
i’ve got grapple tape on my smgs
my guns and my pistol loaded with bbs
so i can pop ’em, and stun ’em and go cap their knees
yo pass me my weapon up, i’m goin’ monok-ma
i’m bout to cut her heart out and convince her it’s a tumor
she wanna spread lies get me goin’ with the rumor
that’s great
rocket time
give me sp-ce
you’re going lunar

i’m going sky high (kuybi), like my words and their impact
i love that feeling, f-ck you mean i’m not an empath
your group’s unbearable, you think i want in that
bipolar friends, sync your feelings like a sin graph

wait, hold it, what
switch the flow, okay

okay, lucky sh-t like nekomata
rudis drip, don’t need that prada
wartribe fit, you know i want it
look at my grips, you know i got it

swish my shots like it’s peroxide
takedowns got a hit like broadside
left you lost, my setups cross side
grow my tracks out like a bonsai
drop me the iron, it’s time to scr-p
stop foxy on fire, cinder on the track
i thought y’all admired, so i run this back
loop caught like a tie, can we settle on that

far cry’s i’ve followed, now i’m k!lling cultists
can i murk lori vallow, she’s so repulsive
my aunt chose to follow, now she does that bullsh-t
natural pills she’ll swallow until she convulses

i’m feeling like michiru
i want me a macaroon
i’m feeling lost missing you
i’m night running after dawn
with stress i won’t admit to you
it doesn’t matter after all
i’m singing out my wish to you
will you be my nazuna

have you considered the possibility that
it’s okay

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