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letra de july 13 - genesisthegawd



hit em’ with the jab

[verse 1]

step on the beat
like i step on the gas
i know i be making them mad
b-tches be rapping and
thinking they hard and sh-t
but really them raps be ass
them b-tches be capping
and stealing my bars and sh-t
i probably should start me a class
i don’t want to hear that little sh-t
that you started with
because most of that sh-t be trash
i probably should tutor them
they ride on my d-ck like a uber them
make em’ pack it up
because i be moving them
i was already lit
this ain’t new to them (yeah)
school like teachers
lil’ b-tch i don’t want your feature
if you get on this beat i’mma eat you
got them paying tithes like the preacher
(like the preacher)

[verse 2]
step on the beat
like i step on a b-tch
hoes suck my d-ck
you like to pop like you hot
but you never was lit
you ain’t on sh-t
i get the top then i’m out
like i never was in
that ain’t my d-ck
these b-tches fake
and no hoe
we could never be friends
you ain’t my b-tch (yeah)

[verse 3]
i took a break now i’m back (i’m back)
i won’t keep teaching these hoes how to rap (i won’t)
said you got bars, well b-tch where they at it?
i been carrying your b-tches
it’s hurting my back
you keep rapping about p-ssy
i heard that its wack
turn the sh-t to a hit
if i get on your track
b-tch i never miss
and you know that’s a fact
ya’ll been biting my sh-t
now i’m taking it back (yeah)

make these hoes wanna throw up
b-tch get sick every time i show up
smoking you b-tches whenever i roll up
whenever i drop, you know that i go up
gon pack it up
because you know that its over

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