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letra de poetic writer - gastondakid


i’m not a rapper
i’m just a poetic writer
in life there’s no happily ever after

i’m just speaking poetry
i’m just speaking soulfully
you’re living behind closed doors
i’m living openly
so hopefully you remember thoughts from your memory
you forgot her name i hope you have a good memory

it’s bad luck to crack a mirror
your life ain’t perfect but, you can fix the error
you’re often critical like an open letter
i lie a lot i’m a general sinner
you drink your emotions like liquor
i whisper secrets that makes your spine shiver
i k!ll you with words i’m a spoken k!ller
your flow is like a river
i have some good advice you should consider
taking but, i can make your life a thriller
like michael jackson’s “thriller”
the words i say you hear them clearer
just because i’m nearer
rap is distinct form of poetry
that makes you express yourself vocally