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letra de 0 to 100 (remix) - gared a.


i’ve witnessed a lot of fake friends
those people that always promise they’ll be there till the end
but they don’t care about your feeling’s
they just want to make a k!lling
and once they get they profit then they leave you all alone
i really should’ve known, really should’ve known
that some people don’t have a heart they just tryna get it
but they always come back actin’ apologetic
i’m on the rise and i’m comin’ for the crown
all these other little rappers need to back the f-ck down
cause i’m doin’ my thing
i’m goin’ in for the game
i’m changin’ up on everyone and doin’ new things
this time i’ma use both my heart and my brain
this is called a p-ssion for music
i don’t hear the hate no more, now they just muted
these frontin’ hoes always actin’ like they’ve been there
but when i was down, you wasn’t there
who are you to judge when you be poppin’ bottles on a sat-rday
and then preachin’ on a sunday
you ain’t right for all the sh-t you do
that’s why i’m done, i’m through
n0body can tell me what i gotta do
i’ma worry bout me, you should worry bout you
i’m not worried, i’m just workin’ an album
you will get to feel the music and the vibe
once this sh-t drops all y’all better run and hide
you thought that i couldn’t do this
used to put me down sayin’ you won’t do this
but look at me, i’m progressin everyday
i’m steady workin’ in my lane
featurin’ with different artists, man this sh-t is insane
now i’m signed and i’m gonna keep movin’
i see that you’re now startin’ to approve it
0 to 100 b-tch
i’m comin’ back to sn-tch this sh-t