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letra de want some lore? - gar greatest at rapping


[intro: mrballen]
he kicked up all the mud and the sand and it k!lled his visibility
and so he grabbed on to the side of the boat
and he picked up his dpv and turned it on
with the propellers pointed back to where the mud and the sand was
and he kinda used the propellers of the dpv like a leaf blower
and he blew the mud and sand

[verse 1: gar]
what did ver do?
dropped out of school and hit the stu
ghostwriting now he’s producing too
i pay him for beats what about you
f-ck edwin o’neill
ver my producer he keeping it real
ver made a label just signed me a deal
and his beats hard harder than some steel
i need me a nap
want some lore? ver taught me how to rap
i’m smoking on sh-t p–p dung and cr-p
ver put skellefteå on the map
can’t say garageband without gar
can’t have somalia without a white star
can’t be h0m-s-xual in qatar
i’m hiring ver to write my memoir
smoked p–p she called me a coprophil
she called me crazy cause i paid a thousand for a pile
new mud flavor just dropped, chamomile
rumor has it banana flavor is in trial
[verse 2: gar]
they know me as caleb wright
but i changed my last name to gaslight
i’m sorry god i mixed manure with the sprite
and i just ate lobster and crab with delight
i just ordered marble flooring
smoking the same mud flavor getting boring
but one day without mud gets me roaring
there’s even a mud that helps with snoring
i followed mshee’s recipe and my mud cracked
scratched up my digestive tract
i used to eat fried crow seasoned with gnats
want some lore? ver ate mud bats
want a method? go buy an eighth
check for purity then dilate (how?)
stretch it with sprite, resell at a higher rate
you just made enough to put crab on the plate
want some more lore?
i used to have marble floor
and i got caught fishing crab at the shore
stop exposing my past i can’t take it anymore