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letra de trouble in mudway - gar greatest at rapping


[intro: gar]
from mudway i was destined to fail
god had plans to see my opps prevail
so teary-eyed i can’t see gotta read braille
i don’t f-ck with the sun i’m a little pale

[verse 1: gar]
i’m insane and my brain go crazy like nl beats
they keep testing me i’m running out of patience in these streets
muddy sh-t until i was 10 never saw a bed with sheets
lentils every single day never had no ubereats
all my life, all my life i was never properly fed
so you can understand how this sh-t easily gets in my head
i hate living in mudway i’m only hanging on by a thread
do you know what it feels like to not have a frame on your bed (f-ck what they said)
this rapping sh-t might get me out of these clothes
i’m aspiring to tour the world get money from my shows
why did gar take mshee off brady only god knows
f-ck god i need a rhinoplasty i got a big ass nose
mud method made me like 5 bands today
unlike tim brown and michael sheehan i never had to pray
i’ma ball on them kyrie irving like lil cray
i’m a predator out for blood nl is my prey
he at the playgrounds i don’t play
[outro: gar]
he at the playgrounds that boy g-y
when i’m unlucky the sky is gray
me and ver we’re really not okay