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letra de mud lesson - gar greatest at rapping


[intro: 2xbydre]
pubic hair (x5)
sprite, orange soda, root beer

[verse 1: gar]
i go coo coo i go chicky-choo
if you like mud then i like you
the sky be gray instead of blue when i’m on stage the crowd go boo
i hide crack inside my shoe
that boy johnson now i’m drew
nothing you say is ever true
i’m in baja i’m mtn dew
ain’t eat in days f-ck ramadan
i’m eating crack from dusk to dawn
she rejected me i’m on her lawn
my opps shoot at me i resp-wn
they say gar you’re really mid
that sh-t put me off the grid
i’m sending this to distrokid
you making bank i’m making quid
my gun all black it ended up red
there’s not a single lyric i havеn’t said
she rejectеd me now she’s dead
she rejected me i’m under her bed
yung bbq he look like some bread
aidan an opp and shawn is a fed
nick tomasetti is still in my shed
i can’t let him out there’s voices in my head
b-tch i’m in sweden stacking up the krona
need the likeii verse he in arizona
they think i’m mid i just don’t put on any persona
they think i’m god
i’m finna tour the country and travel abroad
i rap out of passion don’t need the applaud
i’m getting hotter i finally thawed
he botting like bluestrip that boy is a fraud
eeh ooh eeh ooh it’s odd
bluestrip you fell off you can stop the charade
my plan is to blow up solo and then bring the squad
hoes want gar like a pod
my social life is on discord
i’m recording this from a psychiatric ward
murdered a fat woman cause i was bored
i’m shooting mud i can’t even afford
tryna score mud but i got ignored
if you find the mud i lost there’s an award
i miss the p–p and the sprite that i poured
i can’t even find the manure i stored
[bridge: gar]
where the f-ck’s my manure man i just
i need my f-cking manure stash right now
i’m getting- i’m sweating dude
sh-t, where’s my manure
i’m trying to make some fake mud okay i admit it

[verse 2: gar]
how do i make read mud?
mix water and dirt and you’re alright
if you need some fake mud you mix manure with the sprite
fake mud can temporarily make you lose your sight
take the real mud and you ain’t even gon’ remember the night
i can’t help pounding that dairy-airy
i’m in somolia picking berries
i don’t care if that b-tch is aries
the kid laroi i wanna f-ck his fairies
i got sheehan hate like walking on a skate
can’t call that rape
that fat b-tch needs to get in shape
f-cking ape
i’m finna travel out of state
buy some mud resell it at a higher rate
this the easy money-making life it’s great
when i see people mixing fake mud i got hate
i work long hours to get real mud on the plate
authentic mud ain’t easy to create
only real jungle dwellers can relate
raised in the jungle it is my fate
if your mud ain’t shiny it’s probably bait
sipping on p–p take the p–p on a date
when i’m mixing dirt and water i can hardly wait
[outro: gar]
no for real though
fake mud i hate on it a lot i don’t like it but
it is a cheap alternative to real authentic mud
it is a good method to get into the mud scene if you’re on a budget
manure and sprite get on that sh-t