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letra de glare - gaerea


slackly watching the glare of the bucolic hills
stumbling in mirrors without blindfolds aside
jubilating the chants of a broken past
when the fear steps in, blind man can see
if we all fear, we will be forever blind

the reflex of a strained face
not a single broken mirror screen
sense of tomorrow
black puddle of mud
unfolds the path

unstoppable carnage of unfaithful dreams
in this somber world, one can never behold us
an obscure meeting, a screen that is so dirt

infant dreams
reveal the glare
360 degrees of light
don’t be fooled by the mask we create
for this is all a lie

blending affections
departed souls wonder a showcase of pride
burning desire of blindness
just watching it passing by
wasting time
living the most obsolete life
and searching for ways to escape
fall into the deepest coma
this putrid sphere deserves no lightness
once so brave with its flaunting walls
fashion of reflections
vanity of a gloomy life
a brighter world, a gentle gaze
a field of withered grass
visible glittering at sunlight
the sweet glances can show a shred of our code
a voyage of fractured thrills
dripping down from the waterfall
the glow from the gems outshines the moonlight

the reflex of a pale face
not a single broken display
sense of the future
may your ripped out chest rot in the sky
from the waters that i’m d-mned to cross
the glimpse of darkness
memories of a forgotten world
i know no other way
sickened of prowl on a celestial stone
through frosted avenue
we walk alone
a massive vortex
to unfold the truthful breach