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letra de bright tiger eyes - gabi garbutt


i find my lover lay down in my room
a sallow figure face of darkest blue
my face has fallen in the same way too
you’re quick to leave and i don’t blame you
and you won’t come back
and you don’t come back
you know i really could
use the company sometimes
do you remember those divine nights
used to linger like sweet smoke into the morning light
we have them still i feel them stronger these days
we do it night after night and any doubt falls away
cause you always come back
you never really go
but every second apart
feels just like a fatal blow
that’s just how it goes
there’s nothing rotten when the mind commits
joy on her dark pilgrimage has found somewhere to sit
and as it all shifts like it can’t help but do
our resting ground becomes our alter when the love is true

and i look at you now
with your bright tiger eyes
school boy smile that’s all mine
to watch move as i like to do