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letra de ‎out-of-bounds - ​g0r3


i can’t drive rn
baby i’m f-cked up
n i’m trynna smoke uh pound
pull up omme rn
saw ur bf a he clown
texting me fone wen he not around
i’m shooting 3’s b-tch u outa bounds

ya we in the function
im smoking i love getting high
and i ain on dat fuc sh-t
i can’t really trust sh-t
pull up n i dump quick
i need my money my bucks quick
ya i’m onto sumthin
touring touring all across the world man
f-ckin all foreigners
foreigners b roaring
idk yo name baby can u tell me again
she trynna gimme brain for the fame
ima zombie
go head n call yo frenz till the end
stretching her out like rubber bands
bands bands
i’m the man wit the plan
let’s make a movie i’m dirеcting
y these b-tches alrеady kissing
start the camera i’m rolling
pop a pill i’m rolling

so f-cked up i can’t drive rn
i’m so high rn i can fly rn
baby smoking out the pound
he bf is a clown
texting me wen u not around
i can show u different scenarios
i got billy jean omme
diamond dancing omme
pressure up lemon squeeze
dng rosary
pray to god like everyday
pray that the money come my way
broken heart i love the pain
remember used to walk in rain
now driving ina bentley thang
but i’m to t’d up
remember the days i couldn’t put my feet up