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letra de unit - no days off - g


[chorus: lloyd banks (50 cent)]
i came to get somethin, i ain’t worried ’bout nothin
child of the hood, i was put here for stuntin
strap like it’s legal, ridin around b-mpin
if you can’t beat ’em don’t join ’em, jump ’em, f-ck ’em
(i never liked these n-gg-z anyway)
(they could drop dead, fall off a buildin today)
hey.. (n-body gon’ miss you anyway)
(no days off, keep the pistol e’ry day)

[50 cent]
i got the burner burner, i come to burn and burn ya
revolver turn ya, call it murder murder
i ain’t smilin i ain’t smirkin, i ain’t muh’f-ckin jokin
see if you think somethin sweet when your head open
cross me, force me, go ‘head, line me up
i found where you rest at, you grimy f-ck
i be out front your raggedy–ss crib on a stake-out
with a pound, two clips, and chinese take-out
you make it rain, i make it lead shower
you say your prayers, you in your last hour
i have you pushin up daisies, the c-ke dump crazy
you chumps amaze me, the wolves they raised me
you don’t like me then spray me


[tony yayo]
this is that face down on the floor, ski mask sh-t
if i fall off, i rebound quick
like greg odin, tony yay’ i be holdin
german mouths on my hip, cause my wrist be frozen
how these rappers claim {?} and the books is closed?
how these rappers claim cars and they gun don’t smoke?
i catch a n-gg- on his deathbed
and rip the iv out his arm, then jump in optimus prime
dust the yellow enzo with the dalvins on
in my bullet-proof ac’, who you stylin on
when the sun is gone, and the wolves come out
you coward–ss n-gg-z bring your jewelry out


[lloyd banks]
you may have to bring that, ain’t n-body trippin
sh-t, n-gg-z is hungry, i ain’t n-body chicken
a n-gg- screw is missin, i’m pimpin, i’m livin
nice with the dice, deuce-deuce six’n
look how the game change, bad for the system
n-gg-z on game shows, two dudes kissin
listen, we’re not the same, we’re not for fame
the industry’s punked out, we’re not to blame
these n-gg-z been perpetratin so long
if they can make it rain, i can make it storm
he’s makin a scene, but i can make him calm
i just got a n.b., that’ll break a arm