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letra de keys to my balls - g.o.a.t. music


[verse 1: ahmed 2.0]
slow down you’re in your way to a twomad
plus your texts are getting way too skitzo
way too mature for what
told the guys that you know i’m heading home, i gotta s-m-n bond
look at what i stumbled on
another yapper on the floor who overdosed on fentanyl
thought i was the only one
how dare you have a biggie in your house eating papa johns
where you get that money from?
lookin’ at how far we come, i bought your first condom
guess we had an awesome run
ever since i lost leon you was like my german bro
hold me like a [?]
hold me likе the homies in london when thеy hold they c-cks
hold me like a d-ld- in your ass when you’re about to cum

[verse: reuben]
wasn’t it always this g-y?
wasn’t it always this g-y?
[?] mrs. ray j
using up all your funny days
put up with all my mistakes
watching all my epic fails
posed to be always this way
posed to be always this way
[verse 2: ahmed 2.0]
couldn’t it all be so h0m-?
i could’ve used the first part for the outro
how it sound when you got akimbo over jimbo?
from yedits, but now she rocking sketchers over flipflops
like you don’t see me beating on your p-n-s
like leon in the bas-m-nt with the racists and the skitzos
but that was me when i was making cums for your ditzo
now, i can’t just take it on the chin like jay leno
everybody want the info
these b-tches want the pin code, these yappers act too h0m-
in a fedex with jayv and [?]
i’m not gonna go for it, imma steal all the rentals
you already know my ammo
not even got a venmo, mike lean roll my demo
by the way, i support all the h0m-s
and another [?] is my end goal (goal, goal)

[outro: g-yking]
i wanna give you keys to my b-lls, to my b-lls, to my b-lls, seeyuh
i wanna give you keys to my b-lls, to my b-lls, to my b-lls, yeah
i wanna give you keys to my b-lls, to my b-lls, to my b-lls, yeaaah

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