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letra de 09 - g. deep


ohh no, here i go
better peep game on the low
b-tches singing, singing, t-pain on the phone
sorry can’t tell you ‘bout the whip or the boat
let me tell you about, scrambling for rent cause you poor
i could take you back to 09, no dough
yeah the president is black, songs still a no go
please leave me a loan yeah, the whole gone foreclose

(verse 1)
same g, less words and more effect
i’m gone chasing a cheque
same nikes up on my feet
every time i thought i was set-
backs kept bringing me down
calling god on collect, just give me
one more chance
and just pick up, i’m sick of
reciting this speech
in this old as truck
i give up, i’m depressed
i’m upset, man
i’m sick to my gut
been playing my hand
but he calling my bluff, yeah
have u ever had enough
pushing back on your luck
pray you don’t push too soon
too little, too late too much
or maybe just too new, who knew
you’d be stuck, pushing around dust
like push brooms, so i
push you my tunes
push through all of my fears
amount of times i heard a
new rapper talking top tier
making his moves
moving his crew in top gear
made the news, made a few
blew a fuze, then disappeared

(verse 2)
ohh no, here i go
making sure verse
got a thousand watt glow
i’m drained, pugging away
been tryna figure the flow
from outset, had no outlet
to ever channel my hopes
that’s the story of my life b-tch
trying to get a buzz
but couldn’t get find me a light switch
i just wanna shine
i needed a co-sign
feeling disconnected
rejected since 09
ohh no here i go
better peep game, game on the low
all of hormones gotta me outta control
i’m 16 years old, my d-ck on patrol
i’m out looking trouble, paper, p-ssy patron
chip on my shoulder turned to a boulder
as i grow, my hero’s is down zero
role models just disappoint
they’d all be horrible ballers
cause they ain’t making no points
f-ck they metrics
i studied the funkadelics
the melodies and tones
the stones and john lennon
spent my life to the funk
debunk all the aesthetics
prosthetic rappers who searched
how to rap on reddit
y’all ain’t ahead of me
yall been lapped, forget it
the top of my class
your class is now in session
been on a mission, since birth to
to convert fans from skeptic
i’m told there’s three goats
while i’m the new shepard
wondered far from the herd
fell asleep in the lecture, hall
shattering the absurd walls of your perception
it’s back to the drawing board, like sparky shultz
down to the nuts and bolts
i break it down like it tetris
i’m the west coast shawn
the north west com
your whole facade is so faux pas
i’m convinced, i’m hexed
i’m cursed, i’m jinxed
or worse, in the end
my words weren’t even
worth an applause
can i live, can i sleep
without a shift, without a fee
without outta list of my needs
g. deep, coming outta
the abyss, piece of sh-t
still holding on every grudge
i held as i kid, yeah

(bridge 2)
searching for substance
stressing for all the right
words to curve together
to show you my plight
i’m lost listening to scott
praying every day and night
contemplate my assumptions
obsess over these long flights
pray i might steer clear
pilot the lear of my life
so many stories i need
to share before i die
so if something unforeseen
happen for giving my speech
and my plane loose speed
pray it land on the hudson tonight
hip hop, with no watch
with no pot, with no stock
with no whip, and no fifth
with no blow, with no shows
and no fame, its all pride
its all pain, with no shame
its all fine, its 09, i’m no name
i’m the new dre, i’m the new ye
on a new high, on the new fade
my, my what surprise, i made the beat
and wrote the rhymes, guess i’m getting high
on my own supply, ive been sipping
kool aid, getting dome like like toupee
touché, all your sh-t be sounding bootleg
it’s too late for you to pop like some soufflé
man i can’t lie been waiting since 09