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letra de love beltgang - fwc big key


[intro: cashgang mike & bmorg392]
b-tches love belt, uh
b-tches love belt gang, uh
b-tches love belt gang
our opps need help, gang
no cap
(mkmentality, baby)

[verse 1: fwc big key]
these hoes love belt gang, they put the call in when the opps out (belt gang)
morg got a coat on with no shirt, just a chop out (what up, morg?)
i can’t ride in the car with jog, they like to hop out (i’m out the roof)
if a b-tch get to trippin’ off the lik, she gettin’ knocked out
n-gga, drop the dot, we finna pull up on you right now (right now)
go ot and hit a backpage for mike brown
izzo contemplatin’ on a label, but he might sign
don’t pass me no lunazul, b-tch, i like don
he was trollin’ ’bout a watch, gbg, got his brother spun (get back gang)
in a striker, i’m bendin’, me and the youngest shark (what up, mike?)
k!ll a n-gga, pray to the lord, but not my brother hart (vice lord)
the last n-gga slid down need another car (n-gga)
we ain’t them n-ggas you can sit on (at all)
at the ‘nino beatin’ sh-t with my kit on (f-ck j-rob)
smoke an opp, hit the stu’ and make a diss song
my n-gga sticcs’ll run you down in some rick owens
[verse 2: cashgang mike]
we lost mb, ain’t tryna rap, i’m tryna drop somethin’ (i need a drop)
we overk!ll, we still blowin’ ’til the cops come (we clutch poles)
i’m outside with thirty hoes, n-gga, i got the block jumpin’ (this b-tch jumpin’)
this ain’t the switchy, i’m out the window with the chop bustin’ (brrt)
last skit, i walked down in some prada sneaks (i’m rich as f-ck)
check my phone, my ex-b-tch said she proud of me (thanks, bae)
this 32, h-ll no, this ain’t exotic weed (e pack)
morg got a handgun, he gave the chop to key (what up, gang?)

[verse 3: bmorg392]
my b-tches love morg, but turn to durk when it’s time to slide (b-tches durk)
in the striker out bendin’, playin’ “tired of mas” (what up, key?)
me and threat just caught a hat, it’s only nine o’clock (it’s early)
i got a switch for no reason, i’m tryna find a glock (where the glocks at?)
last year, one of my opps lost ’bout four friends (lame)
instead of makin’ diss songs, you need to go bend (n-gga)
i’m a shark, they think we dolphins how i blow fin (brrt)
fifteen hundred for a strike, we finna go in, n-gga

[outro: bmorg392]
(fifteen hundred for a strike, we finna go in, n-gga)
(mkmentality, baby)

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