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letra de the bog wizard - froglord


the weight of this fight, i can’t go on
we are equally matched
the land and the sea, yeah all can agree
we should no longer clash
and collaborate in this, unforgiving riff
and give worship too, the stoner, sludge and doom
these transcendent fumes, blessed upon us chosen few
you and i we must unite, make peace over the leaf
and inhale the fumes of the slime, follow the smoke toward the riff
you and i wе shall not fight, but fill the pipe with your leaf
and brеathe in the fumes of my slime, consumed by the riff
it seems like time has all led to this, the great session with the bog wizard
for so long we were such foes, but i’m so high that was long ago
new, planes we’re arriving to, we shall break on through
through the gates of time
here, suspended for a year, without doubt or fear
lost to the throes of the frogbog ride

at the end of this long journey who here would of thought
these titans unite in harmony, froglord and bog wizard
but now we must each go our ways; it is time to depart