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nobody - free party


[intro: aleana]
when the sun up why you run from the rays?
no i dont trust em cuz the summer don’t stay
they don’t wonder they just wanna throw shade

[verse 1: veno]
wish i was better at reacting
to sh-t that’s tragic
cuz all i got is avoid( a void)
& act like it never happened
the fragments is everlasting
i use to drive the monte to ya crib
just sit and wept
plenty days i came to see ya
couldn’t never climb the steps
never recovered
i just smile and hold on
from the day i came
you told me you ain’t know me nomore
lately i been tryna save all of my tears for the shower
hide the cries from myself
i been lying to myself

i can’t tell that sh-t to n-body n-body knows x4

[verse 1 continued: veno]
but dementia, dementia stole all our memories
you said you ain’t remember me
i ain’t know what to say
was too afraid
so i just strayed
but i finally got the courage
for you to see tears on my face
but soon as i stepped off that plane
i got the call you p-ssed away

{hook: aleana)

i can’t tell that sh-t to n-body, n-body knows 4x

[verse 2: mo]
see n-body knows all the sh-t i been thru
i find no need to vent cuz n-body love you like you
and if they do, just know they going thru they own sh-t too
ain’t been in the mood
been quiet in all of these rooms
still playing it smooth
smoke clouds loooomed over the crib
only light i get from the bic
it’s dark where i been
a life that’s full of sin
and where ls outweigh the wins
and i get up to fall again on my face i still pretend
cus i can’t tell that sh-t to n-body n-body knows
i can’t tell that sh-t to n-body n-body knows
i can’t tell that sh-t to n-body n-body know n-body knows, yeah n-body knows
my boy had to take his baby girl to funeral
her friend committed suicide she 8 years old
type of news that make you sick you feel it in your soul
how she even know
man n-body knows