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letra de one way street - fred e.t.


it’s alright, it’s okay
it’s alright, it’s okay
it’s alright, it’s okay
it’s alright, it’s okay

[verse: fred e.t.]
i ain’t coming up short anymore
my trajectory hittin a growth spurt
ain’t just wearing my heart on my sleeve anymore, i make use of my whole shirt
and one thing imma do soon as revenue come in get rid of them loans first
it ain’t like that i won’t work
i just never had interest when parents were stressin a job with them benefits
been in the cotton field ever since
confidence tremblin
arguments settled in
part of my residence
u either victim or started the fire
house been divided, i do not know why
family ties ain’t as close knit
as i would like
sh-t kinda had me
fed up with life
really ain’t talk to my brother in years, our rooms right across from each other
and chances of being a role model, been thrown out the window
and time flying just along with it
there’s somethin wrong with this
how are we solving this
couldn’t get basquiat probably to draw a conclusion
i can’t win for losin it seems
i feel drained chasin a pipe dream
thought about it daily when workin night sheeeift!
we do not speak different language
we related but distant strangers
what about new ways to change it
no effort in play, then we stagant
glue to my group like elmer’s
stuck in the ways, my elders
to the rescue, no answer
new resolution or failure
i can’t really tell ya

[hook: fred e.t.]
i been goin thru the motion on a one way street
faded off this gas, with my energy on e
now my main component, put the focus on me
some communication is just all we ever need

why the long face? we dont talk as often, not as much
and to be honest
as of late, i- i had enough
i was on my way, dippin once the tension added up
turned the wrong way, redirect the path we headed on

okay my
-sponsibility don’t mean
that they nonexistent
seen the logic in it
often we was not agreeing
had to drop opinion
knew my voice of reason
was just not involved, when i recall
& that my sibling
we don’t link
this was not easy
hard for family
still made it hard for family
you made it hard for you and me
& me and you
this memory, i hope it bring some clarity
my family

arguments with each other of the operas over money

[verse 2: fred e.t.]
i ain’t perfect, never said that i am
time tickin, never holdin yo hand
holdin grudges shouldn’t go to ya fam
the oldest always get the pressure to be the example, now if they dont follow that make em rebel, you pushin the bible like i dont know god or i ride with the devil
the apple done fell out of the tree and it’s treated as if it was rotten, my bottled perspective
but it’s not a problem to cover the trauma
i been knew the root of my problem
parents comparing could come off embarassing where they reluctant to apolo-
gize, and outta the skies another dream dies if u ain’t fueling what a talent require
all because it wasn’t how u was raised
forgettin them days ain’t the same

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