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letra de fly away - frabjoy & runcible spoon


one, two, three, four

[verse 1]
need i remind my eyes to see
my hand to touch my mouth
away i go like ivanhoe
with no surprises up my sleeve

[verse 2]
and all the time to understand
is all i ask of you
away the wind where she belongs
and oh she longs to fly (to fly)
to fly (to fly)
to fly away
all along the union line
see the travelin’ tales she’s left behind
in her folio they will never ever read
all her pictures gone to seed
oh. oh
won’t you take me down my love?
down beyond the land i am thinking of

[verse 3]
i hear a voice against the wind
and oh i long to fly (to fly)
to fly (to fly)
to fly away