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letra de the same (you) - fr3dd1e


my heart hasn’t felt the same ever since i met you. our love, our compatibility, feels so true. and i haven’t been the same, ever since i met you. you turned me new. now i’ll always think of you. you’re words, i thought they wouldn’t come through. and baby, i’d never be here without you
my god, oh god oh god, thank you. for giving me this blessing, can’t believe it came through. now i can’t see the same and i won’t be the same, i’m not singing for the fame. i was rapping cause of the claims. and they got the best of me, yeah they wrestled me and pressed on me
now i can’t feel anything, now i can’t see anything
f-cked me over, play it over and over again. i’ll f-ck your b-tch up and up and up again. i ain’t afraid of your friends. started a riot with your friends, now your lifes coming to an end. never thought there was an end
never had a hand out for me to lend. now it’s time for me to send, you off. all of the videos is what you called off. now be prepared for the fall off. cause this’ll make your jaw drop off
you got some d-ck up till you hiccup. drop some backshots, copied from me a lot. don’t take inspiration, don’t take ideas. don’t take anything that puts me in this way. wasn’t it always this way? thanks to you, i can never get out of your way
i don’t wanna be this way, i don’t wanna feel this way. i don’t wanna feel the same
maybe i don’t want the fame. maybe i was wrong and the claims were right. life isn’t a game. i changed up my name
i never wanted this for myself. i just wanna be myself. but this music couldn’t hold itself. so people started holding it with theirselves and got their careers went downhill. should i take all the pills? i need a new feeling to take the pain away. i don’t wanna feel this way. i don’t wanna have to pay with my life
i know i don’t got a wife. i just want a new life. a new one where no one lives and i just shove a knife all the way in. now it’s pinned in and i’ll sit tight until i’m dead by the night

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