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letra de gaslight - fox lake


brain dead
force fed your reasons why
squeeze tight, gaslight
let it die

and now what you dished out
is coming back to you
we’ll see what you’re made of
back against the wall

from the top rope i start coming
you’re fronting a grin
chest caving in
bones that i’m breaking i’ll do it again
fists punching down as you play the victim
if you think that you’re right then you’re really that dumb
clown motherf-ckers like you are so easy to see
when you cry and you b-tch and you scream and you plead
like the world owes you something
entitled to nothing
always be shoving your
bullsh-t down the throat
this b-tch got jokes
i had high hopes
two faced, get smokеd
i see right through
nothing left you can do
if you’re gonna be that soft, you’ll bе easy to cut

the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
you’s a b-tch and you will always be
a mirror to your face
a pr-ckle to your nape
there’s more than one way to skin a liar
first ill take that mouth of yours you f-cking mire
actions dictate consequences
look at me
i am your life sentence
i am the reason for this fear in your eyes

this life hasn’t been kind to me

so now i will bestow it upon you
keep talking and you’ll find yourself matched you f-ck
the words you speak all day long poison the weak and rally the hive
cut out your tongue to praise the doctrine
sugar-coat something sanguine
all bark no bite motherf-cker
try to find peace with the god you seek
cause tonight you will finally meet him
this is motherf-cking paleface
spitting on the track of fox lake
from switzerland to f-cking colorado whats up motherf-ckers