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letra de 333 - fourty1zero


verse 1

burn a bridge from my past
hoping my anxiety won’t relapse
destiny my paradise , i manifest
got the whole world in my f-nny pack
bad days with heavy rain i can’t re-cap
in an abyss blessings i truly cast

in the past that’s where i tend to dwell
throw my bad habits into a wishing well
thru the valley of death as i prevail
your pretty lies were written in braille
don’t listen to the devil’s tales

the positive things i inhale
other things i don’t wanna talk about
erase all the negative details
chose another path i derail

verse 2

let me mention all the facts
double dutch i walkmoon with triple slaps
gone are the good days that i used to have
cozzy hotbox when i’m math class

life gave me a task and i took advantage
heart got a few wounds i don’t need a bandage
when dark clouds occur i might vanish and
sad stories i’m always telling
my sins and are forever welding