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letra de physical copy - former member


well this reminds me of a movie
with a sugar cube absorbing coffee
i’m mourning in freedom
and life just going on
also reminded of a song
that i wrote when i was young
am i still that kid?
maybe a little bit

stabbed myself right in the back
while i was looking
while i was looking
and i
felt it before the case was cracked
a foreshadow told me so

i figured out
i’m barely living
we’ll find out
what went wrong

i come up empty when i get my fill
all the nostalgia makes me ill
not who i thought i’d be
and its not hard to believe
i get to work on time
and get home late most nights
i’m tracking calories
no time to exercise
and in the day i don’t wash and rinse
watch and wish
to a maddening distortion
but i gotta be quiet
again reminded of a movie
with a sugar cube absorbing coffee
and coming up for air
beginning to repair
i put an album on my back
when you weren’t looking
when you weren’t looking
and i
came out with manageable scratches
i’ve still got a way to go

lets cut the sh-t
and just start living
forget about
what went wrong

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