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letra de sweet dreams, caroline - forest sun


[verse 1]
sun beats down on the denver pavement
thoughts weigh heavy on my mind
maybe the world doesn’t need us to save it
you can’t fault us for trying
sweet dreams, caroline

[verse 2]
saw some old friends, made some new ones
singing along and keeping time
bed and a tooth brush, maybe that’s enough
i’m not waiting for a sign
sweet dreams, caroline

[verse 3]
pulling on my heart strings
waiting on the phone to ring
i’m up too early again
tomorrow another town
wish i could stick around
that’s not how the song ends

[verse 4]
so much cooler in the mountains
i think i’ll stay another night
i might be swimming, i might be drowning
either way, guess i’ll be fine
sweet dreams, caroline
[verse 5]
living in a suitcase
another time and place
we might have walked the same road
is it what we’re born to
it might be me or you
neither of us doing what we’re told
i’ll take the love over the gold

[verse 6]
mist is falling on the valley
the silver sun begins to rise
colors ripple on the river
like the laughter in your eyes
sweet dreams, caroline

sweet dreams, caroline
sweet dreams, caroline

awe, sweet dreams

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