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letra de as the field of dreams was abandoned - fool's game


finally i see beyond the borders of your lies
silently i watch you mutilate through blinded eyes
randomly we choose among the choices offered us
and in the end our dreams they shatter in a moment of truth

i’ve broken myself to reach perfection

…and the birds of prey, they stayed away
they left as soon as field of dreams was abandoned
they k!lled my dreams forever!

emptinеss, a path we take when еverything comes down
dis-progress, to nullify the node that made the sound
intellect was swallowed by the ignorance and greed
and now the dream is shattered by a wound that never cease to bleed

i’ve ruled out myself in pure ejection


he, who doesn’t fill his heart with poison
shall see a future brighter than eternal light
insight was never made for ignorants
against the stream we’ll roam into the night

solemnly you climb the cross and wear your massive crown
awkwardly the trivial talks expose you as a clown
grown in status, though you never grew proportionally
a mindless sh-ll who cannot face the world unless exalted

deterioration into machines of decay