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letra de dos - fond memory vacation


[verse 1]
i’m the opposite of what earl described
i’m binge eating, much more than is prescribed
it ain’t always like that, it’s how it was way back
days without anything, not even f-cking shake shack
no gray area, i’m losing gray matter
the more sleep i lose, but it don’t f-cking matter
obsessed with cleanliness
but too depressed to clean or get clean, rarely miss
the times i was under the influence
my brain’s shot
but i’m not continuing
you feel me?

[hook 1]
you feel me?

[verse 2]
following in my grandpa’s footsteps
impossible to stop, but i shouldn’t stress
good sense, i won’t walk in the darkness
maybe, maybe
maybe not though, i will continue to live
amongst my vices just hoping you would forgive
my actions, my words and all of the above
showing me that i’m worthy of love
[hook 2]
worthy of love

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