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letra de twin shit - fmk mikey


[intro: xkq & fmk mikey]
it’s xkq of course

[hook: xkq & fmk mikey]
this b-tch tweakin(gang)
yea she say that’s its no twin sh-t
so we had to walk inside the party wit fn b-tch i’m geekin
i popped a perky for no reason (aye)
[verse 1: xkq]
i swear you talk to much so i told that lil b-tch so speakin
i get the cash and i get it fast
fell in love with the paper route
i needed the cat so i got a bag and it come with a large amount(aye aye)
whats to talk about i don’t wanna talk it out(aye aye) (at all)
yea she stalk too much i had to block her out(aye aye)
moving like 150 i fell in love with shootas
you cannot just spend the night and that’s not to be rude
i sleep with my pipe i sleep with my rugеr
remember this onе night fell in love with cougars
now i live my life like i ain’t knew her (who is that?) (run it back)
and i told my bros that i ain’t do her
yea she top me off(she top me)
watch how i pop off(take off)
i smoke so much gas but b-tch i don’t like to cough(at all)
watch me rip the rock until it turn soft(until it’s soft)
cl!ck clat glock get back then we let it off
we let it off yea i tell that b-tch i need it all yea
how can you say that you better than us
we alter the races won’t let catch up
we aim for the head no need for the duck
we letting it off and we don’t give a f-ck
remember that one time we said it was up
we spent back around and showed you it stuck
get hit with the rounds we filling him up
won’t stop till he hit the ground his ass outta luck
yea that’s just twin sh-t(twin)
everytime we step outside we always causing damage(yea yea)
and these b-tches cannot stand it
so they try to break us up cus they can’t comprehend it (yea yea)
[hook: xkq & fmk mikey]
this b-tch tweaking
yea she say that’s it no twin sh-t
so we had to walk inside the party with fn b-tch i’m geekin
i popped a perky for no reason

[verse 2: fmk mikey & xkq]
she tweakin
so i left her for my side b-tch i’m geekin(yea yea)
f-cked that up in the party the weekend(go go)
i’m off two xannies in the party i’m tweakin
so i upped it for no reason
i got two new rollies now my wrist it won’t stop freezing
b-tch i do not want you why the f-ck do you keep texting me
you said it no twin sh-t? oh so you tried nexting me
b-tch i’m in my bag so no n-gga can flex with me
you say that you the hottest but you music no impressing me
that sh-t ass had to leave her in the past(yea yea)
and she mad cus i’m all about my cash(yea yea)
do the dash and you know i’m way too fast(oh yea)
hit that lil b-tch when she said i will not last
yea she said it ocean i told that lil b-tch it’s not even pacific (gang)
i just need some head, codeine and sprite and nothing else specific(go)
aye bro did i just tell this b-tch i want her?
bro i’m trippin
a double cup that’s full codeine sprite that’s what i’m sippin
[outro: xkq & fmk mikey]
that’s just twin sh-t gang gang
that’s just twin sh-t (yea yea)
fmk b-tch gang
that’s just twin sh-t gang aye