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letra de sythe - ​fl.vco


-intense coughing-

[verse 1: lil darkie]
and i hop out with pitchforks
put a hole in your front door
watch me wait at the blunt store
want more tobacco, i might [?] in your c-nt wh0re
ho with the flow, on her period [?]
cl-t, cl-t, cl-t
suck my seed, i must breed
i must feed all my children
bring a building to my feet
i be chillin’ with my green
when we fell into the cut
we be spillin’ out your guts
we be filling up with slugs
i been trained like thomas
hope the chinese bombs us
i’ma climb this statue, shoot a ar at you
f-ck, a reload, get you, now huh!

[verse 2: fl.vco]
and i hop out with b-tch f-cks
set my brain at the front door
not to say that they want more
don’t say, be what the f-ck you want, ain’t let it far
he, don’t know man
don’t know where to go to, man
i put a blonde in and out a body bag
b-tch n-gga, man all thеse bodies’ other gas
f-ck, took it back, еverything is so on your back
let’s sip on a mid time, green light
big guts, in and out the track took backlash
far, though n-ggas on they face for game on
big talk, talkin’ in the background, reload
[outro: fl.vco & lil darkie]
i have nothing else to say
have a good day
ayy, ayy
ayy like farmer, i hop out with [?]

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