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letra de draco remix – fbg duck


f-ck around me, get kidnapped
come through my hood, get your sh-t sn-tched
don’t ask me to get sh-t back
cause n-gg- you will never get sh-t back
n-gg- you will never get sh-t back
n-gg- you will never get sh-t back
n-gg- you will never get sh-t back
n-gg- you will never get sh-t back

don’t try to play with them shooters
they’re pull up and shoot your -ss, then in your medulla
oh, they got 30’s and rugers
oh, don’t make them do that to you
pull up with the heater, watch something else
i’mma keep shooting until there’s nothing left
should have never played with your dumb self
better go play with someone now

[verse 1]

you a b-tch n-gg-, i dislike you
you a b-tch n-gg-, cause a b-tch dislike it
that’s why she want to ride like a motorcycle
so i’mma let her ride like a motorcycle
she left now you, now it’s all bad
now you wanna beat her up so bad
oh, talking while you’re so mad
thought of telling your b-tch i don’t care

you rather your time be f-cking wastin
i rather talk about f-cking paper
i’mm counting up like a calculator
i’d rather think about b-tchin later
i gotta get me some new grade
n-gg- tryna steal my new wave
try acting like lew cane
brother start flying like bruce wayne

walk through my hood better have a weapon
you f-ck around and get taught a lesson
nowadays i’m not safe for kids
i’m sorry, that’s just the way it is
n-gg- talk sh-t without the offense
k!ll the mother f-ckers to nothing
n-gg- better not get in my way
toking with me, you’re not safe


you better watch how you talk to the praisy
f-ck around, hit your face with a daisy
f-ck around and toss your -ss in the desert
watch around for like hmm whatever
talked about b-tches, boy i got several
got in that p-ssy, like around four hundred
got in that p-ssy around seven
came around the house around nine
clean the nine, then got some head until eleven
mmm pockets don’t know that faster
i treat your b-tch like a stretcher
gun that i’m toting got kick back
if i was you, bro, i would get back
run up on me, then you get wacked
f-ck around me with a sh-tbag