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letra de chills - fatty koo



[verse 1]

the sunlight smiles
faithful everyday for you
no one can come close to the
joy you bring to me
whispers like a summer breeze
to put my mind at ease
when i look into your eyes
i envision you and me
on love’s journey
so i wrote this melody
to show you that you send me

chills running through my body
shivering down my spine
keeps me quivering for you
so happy that your mine
i’m shaken, i can’t control myself
cuz you
you send me chills

[verse 2]

come whisper in my ear
tell me what your heart desires
girl i feel that you’re the one
that i could spend forever with
you give me that sensation
that no other love can give
boy what you do for me
goes far beyond my wildest dreams
say you’ll never leave
girl when you look at me
i get this feeling inside of me


cold as the winter breeze
makin my heart freeze
hot as the summer flame
when u say my name

sparkling like perrier
got me dizzy like chardonnay

i feel chills
when u look at me
when u touch me
chills running all over my body


you send me chills [x7]
i can’t help it
i can’t stop it
i can’t fake it
i can’t lie
cuz you send me chills

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