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letra de drags drugs and bones - fallstar


i drag like morphine, dead weight, spit me out. have you
created what you cannot contain? embalmed. i lost my
life, i felt it pull out my nose. but i feel a new heart
and it’s rattling my bones. “rise. kill. eat. rise. take
my name.” can you handle the taste? it’s a race. so if
you see you know, you go. losing so much blood that it’s
feeling like a drug. i’m a living ghost, a soul. never
gonna rest ’till i finally reach my home. and with the
p-ssion of a capulet, i’m an arson, and i come in peace.
only if you give me the fire that i crave. it’s on the
tip of my tongue. he’s every song i have sung. traded a
novocain mouth for a hurricane tongue. and now my heart
is full, and these hands are strong. i left a dead, dead
walk. dead, dead walk. does the road lead up hill all the
way? yes! to the very end. will the day’s journey take
the whole long day? from morning to night my dear, dear
friend. can’t stop or give in until my heart stops
beating. we’ve finally reached the sh-r-. we’ve come so
far. won’t stop ’till we know who you are. woke to riots
eating up my home a blade in every hand. i join for
blood. blood. blood. ’cause i have found no cause that
turns my bones to build or fill my lungs. so i will move
until i’m spilling red and set it all ablaze. i’m dealing
with the fear of understanding every word. i’m hearing,
“blood. blood. blood.” we are the failures, the dreamers,
the sc-m of the earth. i’ll be a beggar ’till the day i
die. one. two. three. it’s failure, failure, failure,
rest. we will not rest until we see the new world. we
will not rest until we’re good and dead.