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letra de i want you - faith hill


the eagle wants a canyon
and a place where he can rest his wings a while
the drifter wants a freight train
that will carry him another hundred miles
the lion’s only lookin’ for something he can sink his teeth into
oh and i want you

the devil wants a fella
with a weakness he can wrap his arms around
the champion wants a challenger
who just might have the strength to take him down
the river wants an ocean to run towards
and pour its heart into
oh and i want you

oh, every time that i’m around you
oh, i’m on fire when we touch
oh, when i hold you boy you know
i can’t get close enough
yes i want you

i could cry and say i need you
tell you that i die when you’re not here
i could lie and say i love you
pour a little poison in your ear
but all i’m gonna give you is
nothing but the bare and naked truth
baby i want you
baby i want you

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