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letra de gorilla warfare - facewreck


gonna end up caught in a pit
gotta make a choice to commit
wanna push me? wanna test my pride?

crowd k!llaz comin at you
gotta step up to their crew
gotta push em, gotta take their pride

gorilla warfare

hard to the core, wreckin the floor
shove me down i come back for more
i wanna feel the heat with somebody

sh-t toss, sh-t kick … better hope your clique is thick
step to the rhythm, step to the dojo beat

gorilla warfare (also best zine ever made)

now the time has come for you to rep your sh-t

you just might lose your life
to an old school knife fight
(invisible) ninjas comin’ at you
welcome to the planet of the apes, motherf-cker
hard style

crosscheck – crankshaft – bushwhack – beatdown

step up, keep your rep up

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