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i miss my love - fabolous


“i miss my love”

i mean, i don’t eve know where to start like.
it’s like you find love, and you loose love, and then…

met her up town on dyk-man
aight then
light skinned
starring with a slight grin, i dont know, might been
’cause im in this white benze

or the way the ice in the brietling flash brighter than a lightning
but i knew from right then
she was ’bout her money, and how she fit right in knowing how i might spend.
to make a story short, other than a tight end
had a washington hieghts friend
who bring that white in.
set up a meeting, her dude caught a flight in
sat down at sole, popped a bottle of white then
got straight to business like two corporate white men
the food came, before i could take a bite in
he said “you the type i usually don’t invite in, but since we got a like friend i could get you like, 10”
i told him i could move like 10 by nights end
put the white over the plate, like i’m throwing strikes in.
‘el duke’ got a dude in the uk, buy 5 bricks at a time, $22k
he send the euro’s i send the puredo
now thats what i like to call a “foriegn exchange”
he smiled. duke finished his gl-ss of wine
there’s a van outside, pull your s-cl-ss behind
my man will p-ss a dime, at 15 a pop
tell shorty “make the drop, don’t make no stops!”
i gave him a hand shake some dollars for the tab
told shorty the location then i holla’d for a cab
i hit mike told ’em “send the wire to the buyers”
word got ’round like we were handin’ out flyers!

and them thangs went as quick as they came
i’m back being a hustler, this chick is to blame

and them thangs went as quick as they came
i’m back being a hustler, this chick is to blame

12 months in, turned a benz to a lambo
everywhere the fam go, korks fly, champ flow–
i gotta celebrate, that’s the way i am yo
in the past week i watched 50,00 grams go
pocket full of money, army full of rambo’s
trunk full of bricks, hand guns full ammo

even got detectives if somethin’ goes wrong
the money’s so strong they see it from my perspective
but with my shorty, a n-gg-‘s so protective-
and should be, she’s the one who knows where the connect lives.
she don’t talk much, real calm and collective
seen something in me ’cause shorty’s really selective.

i tell’er fall back, shorty stilla drive
said the rush of the risk just makes her feel alive
i listen to her fuss, saying “that i must, let her do it ’cause they’re aint too many n-gg-s that i trust”

so now time is flyin’, i been kinda eyeing-
a ring for my queen who got me diamond buying

i’m in the gt headed up to ct, lookin’ for a stone to light her finger like et
i got there, and got a call from a dt (detective)
sounded nervous saying “we need to talk now”
i told em chill out, i aint in new york now
any problems i got, get traced in chalk now!

but when i get back, we can sit and chit chat-
better not be no bull sh-t, i aint even wit that..

back to what a n-gg- came out here for
this 5ct. diamond without near flaw’s

head back to the city, call up the commitee
get ready for tomorow, they’re comin’ in with 50
-i almost forgot, i gotta see a cop
i figured it was a drop who must aint get his gwop

he told me meet him by the bridge, i get there in a hurry
got me worried and it’s probably just a minor mix up
he said: “nah los, fed’s dun sn-tched ya chick up-
caught her at a pick up, scoopin’ those bricks up!
she gon’ cooperate, and ya fixed up.
she’s probably at the headquarters now hangin’ flix up”

i asked him “was he sure”
shorty’s “mi amore”
this happened to me before, with my man diadore-
over a ki(lo) of raw-
my n-gg- got killed, caps got peeled and i still got guilt.
he -ssured me, i was hot- she had put ’em on me
swore to jesus’ tears that he was here to warn me.

normally, i would have just ended her life-
but this was the girl i intended to wife

so i went home to shorty, had trouble sleepin’- shorty’s kinda peepin my sudden discomfort
she woke up mad early, so i got up with her
she wanted to go alone, but a n-gg- insisted
like “baby it’s been a while” and truthfully i missed it

we rode out, but she don’t know that i done made a plan
once she hits the spot, one shot- see you later man

i watched her in the building,
knowing it’s the last time-seein’ her -ss climb in and out of the car
yo i even thought about gettin’ out of the car
but sat back lookin’ at the ring about to be yall’s

i let one tear fall at an unfair call
ya whole life can change in just one year yall..
caught in a thought, then i heard a :: bang! ::

hi love, bye love, i will miss my love.

it’s so crazy how it happened like…. it’s just… crazy…
it’s just crazy you know? just the way it happened it’s just…
one thing… aint no love in this sh-t,
aint no love in this game, there’s no love… loso…



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