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letra de 0-100 #trekgang freestyle - f. mills


[intro: f. mills]
yeah, trek, fresh from cali man
sorry for the delay

[verse 1: f. mills]
yeah, the only reason i ain’t signed yet
not only wanna receive em i wanna sign checks
i been a leader how the f-ck imma sign to a dealer
i’m the connect i make the shipments
you bagging up fillers
but here’s the thing i know the facts see you still a believer
the whole ting my whole team they some overachievers
that mean we working while you home how it feel when you see us
on every screen i bet you scream
like them hoes when they peep us
you should walk up and be humble and greet us
the other option you attempt and fumble tryna defeat us
no you should speak when you spoke to, i mean this
money talks, see that sh-t ain’t involving you either
i mean this kid is all wrong his demeanor
he dropping songs what’s the point if ain’t all of em heaters
i mean that sh-t ain’t resolving it neither
how i’m spitting make these weaklings dissolve in this ether
oh boy you just did it to yaself boy
to go against me you need to step up ya wealth boy
you need to check on ya health boy
smelling yaself you need to check what you smelt boy
f-ck that fred you gotta chill sh-t
i’m on a pace from a thousandaire to a mill sh-t
i’m worth more so you can keep that dollar bill sh-t
spitting that feeling adrenaline rushing real sh-t
oh boy
trek gang told me to go for it
they really want it
they really want it, just know boy
flow down bottom it had to come from the floor boy
it wasn’t open i had to kick down the door boy
had to change up my career on em
they was hating was too complacent i steered from em
now i’m racing they see my face and they still want em
i’m never going back
jack i’ll do a phil on em
all you n-gg-s now working for me
if you don’t like it ain’t no room left for you on this team
now go away and let off of some steam
when you come back all you facing is me
for your time off you now owe us a fee
accepting payments ain’t collecting ain’t over a g
sh-t, i just do this for family
f-ck if they don’t understand me, i’m out for grammys haa
sh-t i’m out for grammys hahhh
f-ck if they don’t understand me ah, ah, ah
i told my boy the other night
this here got be aight
just call my sister for them flights haaa

[outro: f. mills]
thinking back when i moved from atlanta to cali
reflecting thoughts of my life, while i’m riding through them valleys
sadly i don’t miss home
knew i had to get gone
family’s all i got, so my p-ssion is just to get on
chicago’s where my heart is
yeah that’s where my start is
the reason i’m an artist
though she stood from afar there’s
feelings on this track back when i loved her, was the farthest
guess it’s for the best though
just some sh-t was on my chest though yeah