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letra de the stranger - excel


[verse 1:]
he’s walking in the dark
the dogs begin to bark
through the window he looked at you
now there’s nothing you can do

he is on a state of depression
we compound to his alienation

[verse 2:]
the stranger lives far away
no one wants him here to stay
disappointment, fear and hate
is what he relates

[repeat chorus]

[verse 3:]
no one – knows who he is
no one – knows where he lives
no one – knows the danger
no one – knows the stranger

[repeat chorus]

[repeat verse 3]

[verse 4:]
he can be your dad
he can be your neighbor
even you can end up
like the stranger…

you that i am living in a trapped buried life
i need some help, you turn away, you deny
i feel so lonely, i know i need to move on
i’ve lost my house and home through the system
so if the system works, has it banned me?
living on the street with nothing to eat
i had a family who now shames me
no second chances, no way to be free
with some of us, our stories may vary
the bottom line is, love is necessary
i drill to you, i ask for no pity
just don’t ignore, the homeless in your city