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letra de the wind & the old willows - evilfeast


autumn avid mist coats the vast sp-ces
homeland devoured by the weeping firmament
grey horizons unfurl
limbs embrace the darkened plains
a distant forest looming far away
a cheer to enter the sinister dark
i p-ss this earth as the bleak frozen undead
beset amongst the hideous pest
adorned in carnal shield
the upper morbid evil domains
i ever wander in solitude my own places of worship
ascending the thrones of great ominous mystery
the october sunset lured me to the moors again
to grasp and immerse into sullen desolate aura
the wind sang to surge the heaven’s serenity
the ravens echoed upwards their discord tune
the old willows watched bowing their rugged heads
the shimmering starlight reflected in my eyes
and death – the pale spectre carried soul
to her unfathomed mighty empress – infinity
then i left the misty humid realm
and entered the uncanny meadows
ornate in grief none might obtain
yet armed in hateful highness…