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letra de suddenly - eversin


[act 4: past]

living into my dreams, suddenly your presence turns
into an absence, and start our meetings in my sweet
the threads of your contact, suddenly swept away,
i don’t want to accept, death has taken you away from me.
let me see your eyes, let me see you.

when the heart burst, into tears i strike the wind,
the wind with my fist, you vanished into that thin air.

you are next to me i know you ‘ll follow in my tracks,
now i’m fearless, i know i can go where i can’t.

thanks for the time, for my shame i couldn’t tell you,
thanks for all time, suddenly you get so close.

i know you in every winckle, in every black shadow
i know you and you know me.
you glance at me , you are right inside of me,
suddenly you’ re inside of me.

let me see your eyes,
let me hear your voice,
let me see your eyes.