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letra de 3 way (skit) – eve


erex:waddup shorty what’s going on?
eve:w-ssup e
erex:everything aiight
eve:yea i’m chillin w-ssup with you
erex:nuthin jus chillin, everything aiight with you and stevie?
eve:man f-ck that n-gg- what he told you to call me
erex:no,no,no uhuh nah what made u think that?
eve:comeon yall, man tell that n-gg- when you talk to him don’t f-cken call me
and come get his sh-t
erex:no,no, pump ya breaks pump ya breaks
eve:pump my breaks what?
stevie: comeon eve it aint even like that
eve:oh,wat the f-ck hold up hold up u got me on a 3(erex: no) way u callin me 4
that n-gg- (erex nooo) man f-ck u and that n-gg- how bout that?
erex:no b wait wait
(eve hangs up)
erex:what the f-ck why would u say somthing